Do you sell digitals? 

Yes, I do. I sell two different types of digitals. First are "Social Media Quality". These are great for posting online, sharing in emails or texting. 

The other type I sell are "Print Quality". These images are perfect for printing both large and small images as well as wall hangings, such as canvases.

All digitals are sold individually so you can choose how many you want. You can buy 1 or all, it's up to you.  

Will digitals be watermarked?

Nope. Any digital purchased from me will not include a watermark. Although I always appreciate a shoutout on social media. 

Do you sell prints?

Yes, I do. I have various sizes of prints available. 

I also offer canvases, metal prints, and standouts.  Contact me to find out more about these wall hanging options.

Why should I buy prints?

When you spend your hard earned money on photography, more than likely you want to keep those images for years to come. And if you’re anything like me, CD’s, USB keys, and files on my computer get lost. But my house is full of printed pictures and I have prints from when I was a kid and when my parents were kids.

Printing your images is one way of making sure you'll have them for generations.

And printing your images with me means quality. 24-hour labs and pharmacy prints are fine for your everyday snapshots, but when you print with a pro lab, it guarantees that your photos not only look the best but also will last for years.  

Click here to read a blog post called "Pro Prints vs Drugstore Prints...It Does Matter!"

How long before we get our photos?

I like to have all the images ready and samples printed within 1-2 weeks of our photo shoot. 

Are you a natural light photographer?

I'm a photographer who likes the feel of natural light when working outdoors, but the sun doesn't always cooperate. So, during an outdoor session we will use the sun, shade, and sometimes flashes or larger light modifiers to make sure we get the images you're after. If we're shooting indoors or in my studio, expect for me to bring my lighting equipment along. 

Do you edit the images?

Yes, that's part of every session. I want your photos to be the highest quality and editing is part of that process. 

Do you sell cards? 

Yes. I sell a variety of customizable cards to fit any occasion. From birthday invitations to graduation announcements. I can even add foil lettering or have your cards cut into fun shapes. 

Do you charge travel? 

Yes and no.  Travel is free within 30 miles of Waurika.  After that I have a small travel fee. Feel free to contact me for an exact quote. 

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